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grab a beer with the bros in a relaxed business networking event.  We meet at a different brewery around North metro Atlanta. P.S. Ladies are invited!







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brews with bros – business marketing show

Brews With Bros Show, where we explore the art of marketing and selling in your local community. We bring in high performing guests who share their methods of generating sales and new leads using network groups, social media and Web 3.0. Whether you’re a small business owner or in sales, this show is for you. So grab a brew and join us as we learn from the best in the biz! The guests are invite only as we try to bring only the highest quality content to our viewers.  Checkout some of the benefits of being on the show!

huge listening base
Maximize your exposure and expand your audience reach as each show is broadcasted through the Business Radio X network and is accessible on all major podcast platforms. Additionally, the show is recorded and the video content can be found on YouTube
aplify your influence
By appearing as a guest on the show, reaching thousands of potential listeners, you establish yourself as an authority in your respective market. Guests will have a chance to talk about their business and share their unique knowledge with our listeners.
If you or someone you know would be a good guest for this show, please submit your requests to We go through a vetting process to ensure that every guest can bring the highest quality content to our audience.


Dmitriy is a managing partner at AlphaCIS  When he isn’t catching brews with bros, he supports businesses with their technology needs. He focuses on Managed IT Services, Cybersecurity and Networking. Dmitriy is one of the hosts @ the Brews With Bros Podcast!

The Nerd

Ty is a licensed CrossCountry Mortgage Loans officer, when he isn’t catching brews with bros, he gets self employed business owners into home loans often times without having to show personal income.  Among other skills, Ty poses an amazing ability in being able to organize brews with bros events and is also a host @ the Brews With Bros Podcast!

The Organizer

Amanda Pearch Marmolejo is the Owner & President of Forsyth Business RadioX. Marketing maven and connector extraordinaire! She produces and publishes shows that will make your brand stand out, establish you as a market expert, and connect you with potentially new clients.

Beers with Bros isn’t just for the GUYS! Ladies, are welcome too! Lets Engage.

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